HEUSSER-Olive 3421

Functional and elegant

The new Olive 3421 complements the HEUSSER portfolio with another modern and high-quality solution. The iconic shape creates an exciting effect and at the same time fits harmoniously into different applications.


Expansion of existing systems

Thanks to its compatibility with the TERZA and 3110T espagnolette locks, retrofitting existing cabinets is quick and easy: remove the existing olive, install the new olive, fasten it with a socket screw – done! This means that existing systems can be expanded to include valuable features in no time.
Lösungen für Möbel - HEUSSER-Olive 3421


Color black and white


Ergonomic and clear in its message

The ergonomic shape of the olive optimally supports the various hand positions and movements – drawers can be safely opened, roller shutters pushed up and down and cupboard doors can be opened and closed. Due to the shape, the open or closed state can be read from a distance.
Lösungen für Möbel - HEUSSER-Olive 342